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Of my beloved late wife










Although in the book I address the reader mostly with the masculine gender, I want to thank mostly women:


Thanks to Little Kathy and to her elder sister, who will visit the Dome of Remembrance on the very centenary of my late wife’s birthday.


Thanks to Kary Mullis’ companion. Wasn’t she soundly asleep, that night in the car, without bothering Kary, we wouldn’t have today the PCR and the Genome Code.


Thanks to the Philippine women, caring of millions of old and handicapped people, all around the developed world. They deserve the Peace Nobel Prize more than some ambiguous Middle-East leader.


Thanks to my daughter Noa, one of the ‘X Generation’. They will be the parents of the Grandchildren’s Generation.


Last, not Least, thanks to my companion Esther, whose patience was the major drive to complete “2084”.