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The Spirit of “2084”




“2084 – The Granchildren’s Puzzle” is an unconventional on-line booklet on Ecology.

Most readers are accostumed to read about the threats brougt to the Earth’s Environment  mostly on learned scientific treatises or on apocalyptic newspaper headlines.

Here I am trying to present the topic in a different way: short, synthetic, but comprehensive.

I am not trying to teach the reader about the topic more than he/she wishes: the reader is smart enough to know what’s good for him/her without my help.

I define “2084” as a “Thought Exercise”. The book asks more questions than gives answers. The reader will decide what the answers are, and if he/she wishes to do something about them.


Reading and downloading


“2084” is divided in 8 web pages, each one of them contains a chapter of the book.

Within the pages there are a few titled paragraphs. Each one of them stands alone, but it is also the single piece of a puzzle. Put the pieces together and you will get the whole picture.


“2084” was written in plain text on purpose. The idea is to print it on hardcopy and read it like a book. Just send each chapter (of about 10 readable pages) to your printer.

The text does not contain pictures, figures or tables (no waste of ink), but just hyperlinks. The reader is adviced to regard these hyperlinks as footnotes. They are not necessary for the fluent reading, but they will bring the reader to other web sites, which either were the source of the specific topic, or contain interesting information about it, according to the author discretion.

The hyperlinks can be reached also from the reference page. The list does not pretend to be complete. Please contact the author to signal him more interesting links.


About copyright


The author does not claim any copyright. He believes that the issues treated are too important for that. The “Spirit of the book” is that it is hardly important to recognize who wrote what, about the specific topic. Our grandchildren will not remember him/her anyway. To the author’s opinion, it is wiser and more appropriate to make silently our small contribution: Just remember that the issue is not our Ego, but rather  the future survival of the Human Species on Earth.

Any not mentioned author, whose Ego is too big to understand the “spirit of 2084”, is warmly requested to contact the author of this booklet. He promises to erase, as quickly as possible, the unwanted contribution to the future welfare of Mother Earth.

The audience


The level of the book is that of popular science reading. Some understanding about scientific facts is advised, but not necessary.

The target audience is represented by intelligent readers, who read about the Ecological issues mostly during their spare time. They can do much more. Any contribution to the welfare of Mother Earth will be reported on this site. Companies and corporations are invited to signal their contribution too. Their web pages will be added to the refereces, only on condition that they are avoided of  commercial advertising. We thank to anyone who is doing a wonderful job for our future, but we are not promoting any commercial product.



Help to make this site better


The Author apologise about his not-so-good English, which is not his mother tongue.

The book certainly needs some grammar and syntax editing. Please contact the author for any language correction/suggestion.